The Last of Us

The Last of Us by Ring Sakura

I am the last of us. Standing fearfully in midst of this modern city, yet I still stay tall. 

The uproar of traffic sounds a little different today. However, I still wake up at exactly 8, courtesy of the usual honks that worked as alarms for me. I can’t find the sun anywhere in my  vision in this clear azure sky. There’s a chill in the air, and the smell of grass dew is still in the fog of morning. I stretch my limbs a bit, letting my branches and leaves to absorb some of the sunlight. It is not until now that I realized, the different traffic noise today is from this huge truck that just stopped in front of my face. Humans start to surround me and start at my branches.

I stare at them, I know who they are. Even though it was years or even decades ago, even though everything about the truck changes from times to times, the memories just come rushing into my mind like a faucet. All my friends and families, they did not die of age; they were all murdered by these humans. Over the years, one by one, they all fell down after each other along with the disturbing sound of steel and machines. I couldn’t cry with the howling wind, nor could I stop these tiny humans. When the other trees had died, their leaves were still green, but they were still and lifeless. To this day, I still do not know what my family had done that angered the humans for revenge.

I know they are here to take me down today, the very last one of us.

And today is the day we all fall down.