Paradox by Cloudburst

When I wake up, it’s night instead of day. My room is a pitch-black sea and shadows are swimming around me. The darkness has seemed to muffle every sound save for the distant rumbling of a skytrain and the rustling of my curtains. I make my way to the open window and peer up at the star-ridden sky when it should’ve been a clear, blue one. This is how my backwards day begins.

I pull on my clothes and tie up my hair, but forget all about breakfast because this isn’t an average day. Despite what I think, noise greets my ears when I step outside into the crisp and airy night, the sound of a completely and utterly normal day.

Does no one else realize that it’s night and not day?

Cars and buses zoom past me at high speeds and the streets are filled with crowds of people chattering. Everyone is going about their daily lives with coffees in their hands from stores you wouldn’t think would still be open — or open yet.

Am I the only one who doesn’t know what time it is?

This city is alive and buzzing; yet, this whole place is stygian. The menacing bridges and skyscrapers are masses of inky monstrosities. There’s no trace of the blazing sun that usually fills this sky, not a single light on in anyone’s home, not even headlights on the dashing vehicles. It’s a wonder that anybody can see, let alone know where they’re going. It’s a city-wide blackout and everything is lit only by the stars that seem to show the whole galaxy; however, no one else is startled but me.

I move on, pretending to be poised because nobody else seems to find this abnormal. I must be crazy for thinking otherwise. I find myself walking over the bridge leading away from town and then stopping in the middle of it, where it’s at its highest peak. The Philly cheese steak in my hand that I bought from a street vendor is cold and tasteless. That’s another thing I find strange: everything here is devoid of warmth and lacking vibrance. I look down and there below me is a multitude of fish ranging in size and species. I’m so shocked that I take a step back. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before but all the colour and light that should’ve been here is down there instead.
The lake is as clear as glass with our missing sun somewhere far beyond illuminating every creature, plant, rock and coral reef. It’s as if our worlds have been flipped. While the underworld is rich and lively, our land has become haunting and shrouded in mystery because the sun doesn’t reach us. I catch myself wanting to dive into the promising waters, away from this murky place.

Everything has become so strange and foreign. Everyone is offbeat from me. This whole day has been altered, reversed and transformed into a dusk that is unrecognizable to me…yet, I don’t know if it’s me or the world that has changed.