The Legend

by: Ring Sakura


The stars are so far away from us. They are maybe several million-kilometers away, or even millions of light years. They shine silently and peacefully in the navy sky. They fascinated us, they gave us guidelines to math and science; they led lost men to the correct way of navigation and accompanied the travellers all way long. People once thought they were the miracle that gods had granted them, and people followed their light as if one day humans could catch the gleaming light. They felt so close, yet so far way. They are the legends that we will never be able to touch or explain.

Part I

Under the starry night, between the dancing light of flame, people hugged each other as if they were best friends who haven’t met each other for years. There are people of varies ages: some are just children, most are teens, and some are even adults. None of them knew each other however; they were only gathered to this place through this one fiction. Just because of the same passion, they came to this mountain ChangBai on the same day, same time, all preparing to welcome the return of their King. In the book that was published 10 years ago, the man, their King was locked inside the enormous bronze gate of Changbai and would not escape until this date, which is exactly 10 years later.

Yet their emperor did not return.

They all knew the result; he was just a fictional character. Maybe everyone was either feeling disappointed, or relief, on the top of the mountain they gathered around the campfire. Someone started the conversation somehow, talking about the book. They started chatting in the freezing wind of summer. It felt like a huge family who haven’t met each other their whole life.

The actor who casted as him in the TV series came, however no one honoured him as their one and only King. “Only him, only our King,” the fans said, “only him brought us through the 10 years, not you, dear celebrity.” As these visitors started to return to their homes, judgements from the society came pouring in: “Why did you waste your time on that?”  “Why are you taking everything so seriously?” “How can you ignore that actor? Wow, addicted!” They didn’t understand what was so significant. He was a King, he was the one who brought them hope in a lot of the hard times when the society left them alone. The prejudice continued.

But no matter what, it was a miracle that everyone was so welcoming, even though the trip wasn’t actually for knowing new people. But isn’t miracle usually unexpected?

Part II

Even over the time difference, over a quarter of the earth, separated by a screen, they still felt his sadness. The North America legend did not keep going, yet failed to precede just as they took their first step. The crowd was quiet despite the fact the group stage results were already out. They watched as one of the members of the losing team to separate from his friends. They couldn’t see clearly what his expressions were; he kept on walking to the interview stage.

It was an unspoken truth. It was an interview with the exact MC who interviewed him when he first started. Finally, she announced it: the legend, the former king who dominated this game, is retiring. He will be gone forever, and another will rise.

His voice was shaking,“I have failed you guys. I just hope everyone will still like my team despite my bad performance this year.” The crowd starts cheering for his team like they would back in the years. Who could replace him? He was the one who had been here from the start until now, the one who so much influence on this area of life, the one who brought so much inspiration to the gamers. But he was old now; he couldn’t follow whatever was going to come in the game anymore. The team needed a better member. People changed their status to show respect to him, some even started crying as the interview was so emotional.

However, there were still a lot of people judging his unacceptable performance at World Championships. He made North America lost, technically. He was the one to bear all the wrongs. But was he? Likewise, the rest of the society didn’t care; they didn’t know the game, they only thought that the youths were wasting their emotions and time on a screen and a world in vain.

Then the legend will fall in silence.


And of course, catching the stars is impossible.

As the dawn finally arrived, they hid away. Under the blinding sunlight, the stars were covered by the burning sunlight. People worked under the sunlight, forgetting their false hopes from the darkest  nights.

Even though he didn’t exist, our emotions did. Even though he didn’t talk to us, our emotions connected.

Even though the legend will become a legend forever, or even forgotten, these feelings are there, these stories. They have affected us so much; even though after all, it is just us trying to catch the light with our tiny power.