Growing Pains

By: Katrina Kang


why is it so hard?

to let go of something

even if it wasn’t yours in the first place?

who knows


you welcomed me

with open arms

and you were my little secret

but somehow you always wanted more


soon you started to feel far away

and everyday you

would paint on a face

so I looked at you like you were someone I never knew


was I not enough?


but one day

you lodged a wall in between us

unbreakable, no matter how hard I tried

to desperately get you back


and every time I called for you

you glanced at me

like I was the dirt on the bottom of your shoe

and walked past me like I was nothing


these gestures

felt like you punched me in the stomach

winded me

and slapped me on the face


how come?


were those days

at the back of the classroom

and under the stars

worthless to you?


was I just a stepping stone

along the way

for you to achieve

something which is pointless in the real world?


were all those promises

you said to me

and all those 11:11 wishes

just plain and bitter lies?


who really knows?


I’m not mad at you anymore

that you left me behind

with something so broken

but can you at least say good-bye?
Now you have the whole world’s attention. You don’t need mine anymore.