The Punisher


Written by: Anon

I watched, frozen in utter terror as she strode swiftly across the classroom. Her cold, beady eyes trained like razors on me, and her infamous wooden ruler in hand. She was known throughout the school as the “punisher”, and lived extremely well up to her name and reputation for never teaching and talking, but rather only punishing when students did not finish homework. My cheeks flushed as twenty different pairs of eyes swivelled to follow her, and landed on me. Stopping at my desk, she lifted one gnarly, wrinkled finger, and lifted up my chin so that my face was eye level with her wicked and cruel smile. In one quick movement, she struck my face with the ruler, and red hot pain stung my face. Looking up, the ruler made contact with my face once again, and this time, I grimaced, and satisfaction erupted on her face in the form of a horrific grin. Slowly, she turned back, and sat back down in her chair. No one dared to make a noise as she took out a thick cigarette, lit it, and hung it on her porky lips, letting the smoke spread throughout the classroom. Then, she rose from her seat, and wrote down our homework onto the board, returned, and kicked her legs up onto the table. For the remainder of the class, I sat at my desk, unable to move, and sweat beading my eyebrows as I watched the time slowly tick by. Suddenly, the bell rung, and I sighed in relief as I quickly jotted down my homework and walked quickly out of the classroom. Once more, I had endured one of her horrible classes, and I wouldn’t have to again until next week.