Today I Am Here

By: Josie Muscat

Today, I am here, my friends, because of you. My friends, you put me here. After years of peace, you have made it clear you want a change. You want a change, and someone who can make that change happen. You chose me as your leader, and because of you, I will make that change. When I talked to thousands of Canadians about our government, you told me you do not want peace. You told me you want war, and I will make sure this happens. We are going to replace peace with war, love with hate, and Canada with destruction. My friends, we are Canada. We will not be the peaceful nation we are meant to be, we will become a warzone. You are the reason I am here, and it is my duty to serve my country. I am the voice for your opinions, and you are the voices of the country. Together, we make Canada a real country.