Two Different Earths

By Stephen Cao

I am 2 billion years old, and I just started my life.

I am 4.5 billion years old, and I feel feeble.


My body is magnificent, with a vast area of clean and pure water.

My body is very dirty, with my sea becoming landfills and being coated in oil.


I am extravagant, with trillions of trees, tall and strong.

I am scarred, with hundreds of thousands of trees chopped down every single day.


I can provide for my children with my natural resources and habitats.

I can no longer help my children survive, with one selfish species killing off another species for food and sport.


My sky is as clear as a diamond, with a fragrance of nature and wildlife.

My sky is fogged with a grey haze, and my air polluted with the scent of petrol and fuel.


My animals survive off each other, and my perfect climate creates the perfect temperature for them to survive.

One particular animal species is causing global warming, and many of my beloved arctic animals are becoming extinct because of them.


I have an abundant amount of forests, and they are homes to different beautiful animals and plants.

Humans are destroying and killing everything that is in my forests for their own good, because they need more space for themselves.


I am very healthy and strong.

I am weak, and I am slowly dying.