Weeping Heart by Colette Duelli

Weeping Heart  by Colette Duelli

I said,

The light always pushes the darkness away,

Driving away the clouds into the bright, shining sun

And for you it will become summer forever


She said,

The darkness comes back each night,

Winter wind blows my way,

And the shadows return back every day,

Looming over me, keeping me at bay


I said,

Marks of your days will heal,

For the scars will disappear as life goes on,

And be left behind and called

“what it used to be”


She said,

Those scars will never leave,

For the white lines will be like chalk on a blackboard,

Forever prominent and will say to others

“What I still am”


I said,

Joy can fill your heart,

Pushing out all the sadness and fear

Until it’s full once more


She said,

Joy never stays,

Sadness keeps me warm

The sharpness of each blade is always there for me,

Comforting my crying heart


I said,

Tears run out and hearts become full,

Time is the healer of all,

You must believe in its powers


She said,

Time for pain and sorrow

Time to decide how many scars I choose to have

Time for my weeping heart