Back In Time

By: Jingle Bell


do you think everything would’ve been better

if you knew everything before they happened

if you planned everything before time moves on?”


A girl looking just like me

Her sable eyes stared into mine

“Help me,”

the warm breath whispered.


In my hand suddenly appeared

an hourglass to turn back time

I played with “the time”

as time passed on


In an empty room full of regret

A screen playing the memories of the past

It was a story almost as perfect as a fairy tale

or some rip off from a movie


Then my worst nightmare was happening once again

I was forced to see you all over again

It felt like a heavy thunderstorm that suddenly came

even a second ago the sky was azure and fair

I could do nothing but run

yet I ran into more and more raindrops splashing onto my thin clothes


Everything just came rushing in my mind:

Only if I knew the answer to these questions

like I know them on these tests

I could’ve stopped all this

but I didn’t

I tried to grab something

yet I took hold of the fragile air as I fell deeper and deeper into the endless abyss


Chants of misery

and echoes of defeat

as if cursing me

for the wrongs that I have done


Let’s remain unaffected for another day

There is no point in going outside anymore

There is no reason for me to not rot in this somber room

So what if I can see the future no more?

Tomorrow without you is useless


Tears drowned my heart

Memories filled my sleep

Somewhere in these non-hectic days,

Something might have already gone wrong.


Yet here I stand in the summer light

with you still sitting in your empty seat

The pain from your heart froze with your smile

The tears from your soul melted with your shadow


Should I have chosen you? Or should I have met someone else?

Should I have waited for you? Or just give up instantly?

I don’t know, and no one ever will

But if it wasn’t you…


I can never go back now.

The sand stopped flowing.