I Hope

By Colette:

I hope.
I hope for smiles upon every face,
for children to laugh and play in the soft breeze of summer.

I hope for the earth to gift us with beautiful flowers and trees,
and for us to care for this world,
the same way it cares for us.

I hope for animals to be cherished in every home,
for them to be kept warm inside soft blankets of love and affection,
But this will never happen.

Smiling children are nothing but old memories,
children cannot play and be carefree in their precious, fragile lives.

Our planet is treated with carelessness and cruelty,
bright colours have turned into useless objects that used to be alive,
grey and lifeless.

Animals are beaten and neglected, turning their cheerful, wagging tails into a lonely shadow.
Joyous puppy smiles cease to exist,
their eyes filled with fear as their life comes to an untimely end.

This is real life.
hopes are nothing but fantasies,
wishes are nothing but glistening stars in the moonlight.
Always there, but too far to grasp.