Rap is True Expression

Jayne Archer

Resolution 10/7/266/1: Rap is True Expression 


The General Assembly,

Reminding all people who would otherwise reject it,

Affirming its creation in 1970,

Promoting creativity and expression,


Impartiality is not necessary,

Stressing the fact that it is a meaningful genre of music,


  • Taking note of the powerful emotions the music is met with,
  • Responding to individual issues,
  • Urges all to take part in discussing internal issues through lyric rather than violence,
  • Encourages all relevant agencies to adopt a passion,


  • Expansion of the genre is suggested,
  • Noting the influX of teenagers who feel as though rap is their muse,
  • Promoting problems in individual lives,
  • Requests that all individuals develop acceptance,
  • Examining the need for greater development in the field of art,    
  • Stresses the continuing need for authentic creation,
  • Supporting all willing artists,                                                             
  • Ignoring the hate it was initially met with,
  • Offering their condolences to those who cannot see the real passion involved in the creation of theses masterpieces,
  • Nations are suggested to adopt a more positive attitude to rap