The Peaks of Tomorrow

The Peaks of Tomorrow (abstract story)
by Denny T.



The climber panted, and paused in his ascent into the mountains. Stabbing, numbing snow fell from the grey sky far above. His heart hammered against his chest. The deep snow was up to his waist. There was a large cliff up ahead; the precipice was a thousand feet straight up the face of the mountain, a sheer drop that meant death if he made one mistake. The climber cautiously approached the orange spot just before the cliff. He turned over the snow around it, and found himself gasping. The dehydrated body of a deceased climber stared up at him with glassy eyes. The climber’s own terrified eyes widened as he began to back away, trying to forget his ordeal. He got his two ice picks and began to climb through the relentless blizzard. The heavens grew so dark, it was as if the sun never rose. Tomorrow gradually became today. Then time stopped. The climber will never make it to the top.