By Steven Ni

Personally, I don’t have many stories to tell about Christmas, but my friend here, she has a bizarre story.

    Here’s my friend’s tale:

“I was a strong believer of Santa Claus even now. When most people hear this, they got very surprised. I got valid proof that Santa exists, and I will explain to you why. During my childhood, I lived in a village far in the north. Around my neighborhood, every child believes in Santa. When they wake up at the morning of Christmas, they can clearly see that there were sled marks and reindeer marks on every single house; those were solid proofs right in front of my eyes! It was not until the age of 12, I discovered something horrible. Behind my house, there were two cabinets where my dad stored his gears. One was for summer, and the other was for winter. I was a very curious girl, and my dad just bought his hunting rifle for the winter hunts. Anxiety was flowing inside of my body because I really wanted to see the new rifle. He locked it away in the winter cabinet. It was around mid-October when I finally found a chance to sneak into the winter cabinet. When my parents were not at home, I got the key and opened the door. The cabinet was fairly small and dark, and I reached my hands in as I saw a slim shape that looked like the gun. When I touched it, I screamed. It was something furry, and the thing slowly rolled out of the dark space and under the sun. I looked at it, and realized that it was a taxidermied moose leg! My whole world turned upside down as I was trying to figure out if I should believe in Christmas any longer. I slammed the door shut and returned to my room. Time went quickly, it was almost three days before Christmas, but another terrible thing hit my family: my father died. There was this gloomy feeling over my house, but my mom stood up and told me that no matter what, we were celebrating Christmas. I was numb that time, and I just nodded. On the night before Christmas, I was deeply in thought, “Now my father has died, there will the no more tracks and footprint on the chimney anymore… Wait a second, oh no! This must be the worst Christmas we have ever had!” I jumped out of my bed and carefully sneaked out. Under the shine of moonlight, I can see it. There were tracks of a sled and reindeer marks all over the roofs including ours. I went to my bed finally, with a smile on my face.”