Types of Christmas.

By Chris Lu

Christmas, our favourite day to make our annoying 11 year old cousins happy or the day where your grandma gives you that uncomfortable and static sweater to “keep you warm.” Whether you’re like me, a hard working Asian in the factories trying to make iPhones for that spoiled 12 year old girl or some dude diligently working to make a better world. You can’t deny that Christmas is around the corner and we all have our own perspectives of how it goes.

One of which can be the average American Christmas. The very stereotypical one where we have Santa come down the chimney and many stories to be told. It is a great time for any child to ask for the all new 2,000 dollar electronical device that they would throw away at a second’s notice or something that they will actually cherish for their entire life. Nothing describes Christmas better in the west than the stereotypical American Christmas.

Another of which is the unhappy and exam-filled Christmas. Where students of the highest discipline has been blinded by the perpetual and everlasting desire to acquire honor in the name of their family. Asians all around the world live under this stress, and nothing can break through that robotic head of theirs when exams are coming up. Often ridiculed by those of the American families, this lifestyle is still a very widespread one in the world we live in today. Gifts and wraps cannot sate their heart any better than the honor that they can acquire for their family.

If you are from a very tropical place or someplace warm during the times of December, you might’ve never even heard of Christmas. This is a life without Christmas, where you just cannot understand why people say there’s snow in December or comprehend anything that is happening in that crappy animated movie. This in my eyes is a great downfall, as you cannot beg on your knees to your parents over which presents you can get. It is a time without celebration, a soulless one. This, my friends is why we should stop global warming so these children can finally understand why Americans have snow and presents in the times of December.

These three are only of the smallest examples of Christmas lives around the world. Whether you’d be a part of the three, or you live a very outlandish and strange life, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and this writing as well.