Two Pets


Two Pets by Ros-ea


I wake up when my human stirs, and I immediately jump up to greet him good morning.

I wake up when the sun shines on my face, and I stay in bed to wait for my breakfast.


I wag my tail excitedly as my human pours food in my bowl, I feel loved how he never forgets to feed me.

I wrinkle my nose and turn away in disgust when I see my food, I’m sick of eating the same thing everyday.


I love being outdoors, so my tail wags even harder when I know it’s time for my walk.

I love staying in and not moving at all, so when my human tries to carry me anywhere I scratch him.


When my human goes for work, I dutifully stay home to make sure no bad people will come in.

Nobody should forget about me, so when my human leaves the house I like to make a big mess and remind him not to forget about me.


I go into the yard to use the bathroom, I have a little door that I can go through.

I have a litter box, but I’d much rather do my business on the furnitures instead.


I walk around the yard after I’m done my business, and I sniff around happily.

I go into the yard after doing my business on the new sheepskin rug; I think I see a mouse in the yard.


There’s a hole in the fence, and when I poke my face through, I see a small furry thing with green eyes glaring at me.

Something from the neighbour’s yard just poked its face through the fence, what a big, annoying creature.


The little furry animal glowered at me and meowed, its tail standing up in a threatening way, so I return it with a friendly bark to show that I mean no harm.

The big dumb creature scares me, but I try to look threatening and meow until it starts barking.


I go back to the house, thinking about the strange little thing I just encountered, I hope to see it again.

I sprint back to the house, swearing that I’ll never ever ever go outside again, and that big dumb creatures are scary.


It’s almost time for my human to come home, I can’t wait to see him!

It’s almost time for me to get fed and scratched again, I can’t wait to get belly rubs.