John’s Life

John’s Life 

By: Cyrex


*Note: this is a part of a blog prompt where writers were asked to write two different perspective on the same situation.


John’s life was filled with choices. He almost always did his homework the night before it was due. On Sunday, he was deciding whether if he should do his homework, or go down the path he chose countless times: procrastinating. Of course, he thought he made the right choice. He opened up League of Legends. The next day, John faced a difficult decision once again, whether he should do his english work first or proceed with his french class work. Again, John had another amazing idea. He opened up netflix. Two hours passed, it was now 10 pm. The tired boy realized he had not done any work that night. Hastily, he rushed and crammed his work.


Cut! Take two!

John’s life was filled with choices, but he always managed to choose the right path. On Sunday, he was deciding whether if he wanted to do his homework today, or play League of Legend with his friends. This time the angel won the battle. First, John started to organize his timetable. Then, he did his homework from school. He finished all of his school work that night, and he had nothing to worry about. On Monday night, he finished his french class homework. He took a quick shower, and had a wonderful dream.