The Doors

Written by Celina L.

The doors spun in a circle, revolving and forming an endless line. It was time. The wind howled and tousled my hair, making it hard to see. Frowning impatiently, I whipped my hair back into its place. This chance came once in a blue moon and if I missed the door, I’d lose everything. And there was no way in hell that I could stay another day in this universe. I had to get back to my own. To save them.

As the doors continued to move, I took one last, good look at my surroundings. Grey and black everywhere. The clouds were monsters, looming in the sky. I could sense their hunger and eagerness for me to miss my door. Wind howling, the leaves stuck to my ankles and scratched my skin. I took a shaky breath, and my lungs were filled with ash and smoke. Sputtering, I knew that my body was unable to stay in this environment any longer.

Keeping my eyes on the doors, I shoved my dirty hands into the tattered pockets of my jacket. How long had I been here? It felt like a month but what if that translated into a year in the human world? My lips trembled as I fully grasped that idea. They could be dead by now. The demons who sent me here could have killed them. Or worse, tortured them. Emptiness turned into rage and I searched harder for the right door. I’d be damned if I didn’t find it. Literally.

Suddenly, I caught sight of something that pushed my heart back up from my feet to its rightful place. A patchwork painted door. It was almost a mile away,  but I was certain. I waited. Every second was painful and stabbing. When the door finally was a few metres away, my legs shook and my breathing became laborious and heavy. I couldn’t believe it. So I ran. I ran so hard that the wind lost its breath and stopped for a second. I ran so hard that the ghostly creatures looming overhead seemed to forget to close in. It was magnificent and it was terrifying.