The Time When I Forgot My Lines

The Time When I Forgot My Lines
by Ring Sakura


So today… I messed up pretty hard in the school play. Ummm, I accidentally brought my phone on the stage.

Listen, it’s not my fault, okay? My friend called me when I was changing into her costume since she couldn’t find the tickets. But as soon as I picked up the call, my drama teacher came backstage; she’s so strict with rules, if she saw my phone it would’ve been gone forever! I had to hide it somewhere, and the most convenient spot was obviously my costume pocket.

“Hurry up,” she looked at me, oblivious of my panic. “You are gonna be onstage soon.”

When I had finally realized that the phone was still in my pocket, it was already too late. It was in the inner layers of my costume, so I couldn’t reach it, nor did I have the time to take my clothes off and on again. And so, I had to bring my phone onto the stage. The moment I stepped forward into the stage light, I knew I couldn’t go back.

I tried to act calm, as if nothing was wrong. Steadily I walked into the middle of the stage, took a breath, and looked up. Mushes of people, I’d say, all looking at me. Don’t mess up. Opening my mouth, I tried to spell out the opening lines- but outcomes no words, not even a sound. I tried again, but my muscles just didn’t seem to react to my brain’s instructions.

I’d forgotten my lines.

Breathe in, breathe out. Now there was a blank stack of script in my brain. I couldn’t say anything. What do I do? Who can help me? I stood there, frozen, as if my role was actually a sculpture in this play. I couldn’t find my drama teacher behind all these curtains. I know she must be panicking somewhere, but just not here with me on stage.

What do I do?

“Oh, Sarah, Sarah! Why are you still here? I thought we were supposed to be at our meeting place by now!” Suddenly, there came the line right after mine. I turned my head a bit and realized that someone was trying to hint my lines. Panicking, I took this sentence and went along with it as if holding onto the last piece of wood in Pacific Ocean.

“Of course. We will be there soon! Don’t worry about it,” I cried out, then hurried off the stage as soon as I could.