Your Lie In April

Your Lie in April
by Ring Sakura



【I met the girl under fully-bloomed cherry blossoms.】
【And my fate has begun to change.】


The Sakura tree
blooms gracefully in a blush
just like her fair smile


Heart slightly clutches
as new bud bobs up through mud
In the morning mist


Graciously she stood
under ethereal light
harmonized our souls

Friend A

Her hair shines under
that golden sunlight brightly
when she stopped and turned
In the light breath, “Friend A, you
will be my accompanist.”

Warm Winter

Leaves fell down into
butterflies of notes and it’s
Warmer than summer


She isn’t here today
Quiet spot in silent classroom
Colder than snowflakes


Empty and pale and
Lifeless room remains condensed


“I’m sorry that I lied
and that lie brought you to me
sa-yo-na-ra (bye)”

Another Spring

The Sakura tree
blooms gracefully in a blush
The setting sun dyes
that same azure sky in peach
your colourless smile’s with me.