Not I, But You

By Emily Hardy


The Sun said,

     observe how the flowers open towards me,

     how the petals reach to grasp my extended fingers,

     and every night I must leave,

     when you push me away,

     is this why you hate me?


The Moon said,

     although the flowers close at my touch,

     I bring with me peaceful slumber,

     They tuck themselves in,

     beneath a sky of stars,

     My Sun, I do not hate.


The Sun said,

     observe how people gather beneath me,

     to play in the days of my ruling,

     how they smile when I kiss their cheeks

     cradled in a blanket of warmth

     is this the foundation of your jealousy?


The Moon said,

     Although families gather beneath your rays,

     my nights belong to the poets,

     reserved for their words to filter into the dreams of others,

     and for those who love the silence,

     I would not be jealous of you.


The Sun said,

     remember the world needs me,

     they orbit my being,

     without my light they would be dead,

     frozen in the night you call your own,

     Is that why you dislike?


The Moon said,

     they may orbit around you,

     but it is earth I orbit,

     My love is far superior to yours,

     as I rely upon them and they dance in my so called night,

     dear Sun, it is I whom you should dislike.