Book Review: The Eternity Cure

Review of The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
Written by Amy Pan

For a book that is a combination of two of the most overdone teen genres (dystopian and vampire fantasy), this is a story which feels completely original in its execution and is captivating from its grisly opening, to its jaw-dropping climax, and finally to its heartbreaking ending.

As is the case with every Kagawa book, the writing is absorbing and molds perfectly to fit the mood and atmosphere. There’s a great balance of grit, love, and humour; after relatively long action scenes, Kagawa tosses in a dash of sarcasm or a line of emotional revelation.

There’s nothing particularly unforgettable about The Eternity Cure, but the character development continues to thrive, especially when concerned with Jackal, Allison’s blood brother. I’ll admit, I had no recollection of him at all, as he didn’t play a pivotal role in the previous book. Fortunately, his character is much more thoroughly explored in this book, and he offers some much-needed comic relief in this otherwise very dark story.

The final few chapters truly held my attention in the end. While not necessarily considered a cliffhanger (though I’m sure some readers disagree), the closing pages pack a powerful punch. It’s certainly the sort of finish that begs for an impressive follow-up, and if I weren’t already invested enough to come back for more, the ending would definitely give me reason to.

Although it was not as gripping or memorable as the first installment, The Eternity Cure proves to be a solid continuation of the world of Allie Sekemoto that we were first introduced to in The Immortal Rules. 3.75/5!