Good Night and Good Luck: A Message from the Senior Editors ’16

June 16th. A week away. How did this happen? How is it already the end of the school year? People always said that “Grade 12 goes by really fast.” We never really believed them until now. On a cool September day, a year before we would hang up our skates, the six of us ’90s babies all decided to embark on a new adventure. It was the first of its kind at our school: The writing blog. An online platform that would allow us to share the voices of the students of WPGA. Would people read the blog? Was it going to be successful? What should we name it? Uncertain questions buzzed around the room as we sat in a circle with our laptops open in Room 112. Countless posts later, we have now arrived at the point where we will be passing on the metaphorical torch to our younger editors who will continue to post and keep this blog thriving. We want to thank Mrs. I., our fearless leader, teacher and mentor, who has guided us through not only our blog meetings but also in our everyday lives at school. 
Keep on scribbling that gibberish.
– Your Senior Editors ’16