We Are All Made of Molecules

By: Georgia B.

This summer, I read We Are All Made Out Of Molecules by Susin Nielsen. This novel is about a 14-year-old girl named Ashley, and a 13-year-old boy named Stewart. Stewart and Ashley both are living with single parents. Stewart’s mom has passed away from cancer. The two teenagers are brought together when Stewart’s father and Ashley’s mother begin to date. Ashley, who has a crush on Jared, begins arguing more frequently with Stewart. Meanwhile, Leonard and Caroline, Stewart’s father and Ashley’s mother, are out of town; this prompts Ashley to throw a little get together on New Years Eve. Things get out of control; Ashley ends up drunk and Jared winds up with some scandalous photos of her. 


Overall, I really enjoyed this book because it was interesting to see their living situation in Vancouver, the city that I live in as well. Throughout the novel, many instances made my think and analyze the characters’ personalities.


Ashley is a teenage who has, lately, been acting like a rebel. For example, Ashley is really rude to Stewart by calling him “Stewart”, ‘’Nerd Bot” and “freakazoid.” Caroline, Ashley’s mom, tells her to stop but Ashley won’t listen. This shows that she doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t consider the consequences. Another example that shows Ashley’s rebellious nature is when there are too many people at the New Year’s party and she does not call her dad, who is running late.This shows she is a rebel because she doesn’t keep her parents in the loop. She is trying to be independent and not ask for help. Clearly, Ashley is trying to fit in with her peers by not following the rules and not keeping people around updated on her ongoing situation. 


On the other hand, Stewart is a hero. For example, when the New Year Party gets out of hand, Stewart comes to the rescue and calls the cops and Ashley’s dad. This shows that Stewart jumps into action straight away, when necessary. This also shows that Stewart can solve stressful situations. Another example of Stewart being a hero is when Ashley is passed out drunk, and Jared is taking inappropriate photos; Stewart is able to find a resolution. This shows that he will help others when they need a hero. This also demonstrates that he will stand up to others. As readers can conclude, Stewart is always helping others and lending a hand.