Why Penguins Cannot Fly

By: Isa S.

      Long ago, on Antarctica, there were only 4 groups of animals that lived in the treacherous climate. The animals were seals, birds, whales and the vilest of all, the penguins. Their well-respected leaders ruled each group of animals. The penguin’s leader was Peckers. He and his people were large and fat, but they were also fast. Their large wings and thick feathers carried them through the sky at lightning fast speeds, unlike the flightless animals we know today. They were brave, fast and dangerous, all animals feared Peckers and his people, as they weren’t afraid to snatch up whale calves with their strong and sharp talons, snack on baby seals, or even eat a bird’s eggs even when they were close by. Unlike other animals, which killed to survive, the penguins mostly killed and ate for fun, which explains why they’re so fat, but their strong wings kept them in the air.

     One day, the leader of the seals, the birds, and the whales all met together to create a plan to make the penguins weaker.

     “We should turn into babies because they don’t want us to have any strong young,” the seal implied.

     “But in order for this plan to work, we need to convince the God of Antarctica to turn us into babies.” the whale pointed out.

     The next day, they visited The God of Antarctica.

    “Well, what brings you here?” declared the God.

    “We came to you for advice on what to do!”

      The god said, “Why should I help you?”

    “You should help us because if you don’t, then our kind will all die out.” answered the bird.

    “Okay, I’ll change you to your younger selves. You’ll all look like defenceless, weak infants but you will still have your strength,” the god of Antarctica explained.

     Finally when the plan was set in motion, the trio all left and went to the penguin’s territory. When Peckers saw the 3 infants, he ordered all the penguins to go after the trio.

    “Look! There’s food! Go!”

     When all the penguins dived at the trio, they turned back into their old selves. Afraid, the penguins flew off not long after being caught by the god of Antarctica.

     “You have failed to follow the laws of life, and by that, you and your people will be punished and I will let your former prey do it for me,” shouted the god.

     With that said, the penguins were plucked of their strong feathers and replaced with thick oily ones, their wings were changed into flippers, their teeth were removed, and their talons were now webbed. Their new chubby looks made their enemies forget about their fear for them. As the trio licked their lips, the penguins tried to fly away, but couldn’t. Instead, they swam as fast as they could, but many were killed and eaten leisurely; Peckers was no exception.

     And so, due to their wily actions from the past, the penguins are now forced to walk on ice without much speed, and slide on their bellies in shame. The young ones were targeted by birds, while the old ones were considered delicacies to the seals and whales. Their actions had cost them, they can no longer hit and run, or fly away in danger, but instead waddle quickly away in humiliation, as their former prey enjoys their revenge. They were forced to eat the shameful meals of fish and krill, but it was all they had. It was all they deserved.