Halloween Blog Prompt: The House in the Woods

          I knew it wasn’t my brightest idea, but still, I did it. The dark, abandoned house stood in the middle of the woods. I had ventured there several times in the past but never dared to enter. I used to be frightened by the sight of the house; the shattered glass windows, the tower that loomed over me, the rotting porch, and the gnarled trees surrounding it. The house gave off such an eerie aura that no one ever had the courage to step inside.

          One late evening, I decided to visit the house again. My instincts told me not to go inside, but something inside me pulled me towards the house. Before I knew it, I had pushed open the door and put one foot inside. I hesitated for a moment, I knew this would lead to something unforgettable. I shook off the feelings and placed my other foot inside. The door hastily shut behind me, and I whipped around. Huh, I thought, maybe it was the wind. I turned back around and took in every detail of the house. It smelled like a mix of old perfume and rotting wood. A decaying staircase spiraled upwards to the top floor. With every step I took, the floorboards underneath my feet creaked. To my right was a dining room that once would have been elegant and beautiful, but now, it simply contained a frail structure of wood that I guessed would have been the dining table. A rusty chandelier hung in the center of the dining room and a breeze coming through a broken window caused it to swing mildly. To my left was a grand living room and sitting room. Dusty velvet chairs surrounded a table with such intricate designs that it had to be one of a kind, it was so unique that it could never be replicated. A similar chandelier hung above the table, except this one was much larger. After I thoroughly explored the bottom floor, I decided to take a chance and go upstairs.

          Upstairs, there were several spacious bedrooms. They were all alike to each other; plain double beds with ratty sheets and stained pillow, a dresser in the corner, and peeling light beige wallpaper with white daisies scattered across. Each bedroom had a bathroom attached that all had simple necessities; a bath tub, sink, and toilet. However, one bedroom was significantly larger than the others; the master bedroom I presumed. Inside was a king sized bed with ripped sheets that were exactly the same as the other bedrooms’  and a faded chaise lounge that had a slight indentation. I ran my fingers along the side of the chaise lounge and felt the velvety texture underneath my coarse fingers. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang, as if someone had dropped something. Immediately, the hairs on my arm stood up and goosebumps appeared all over my body. My heart quickened and my palms became sweaty. I heard slow and steady footsteps, I could tell someone was coming my way. I panicked and ran down the stairs, faster than I’ve ever ran. I passed by something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I quickly approached the door, but before I could, a cold hand grabbed my wrist. The hand was ice cold, and it felt a little like a cold winter breeze. I struggled and tried to escape their grip, but their grasp was too tight for me to escape. I soon realized that I could never get away, and although it was hard, I accepted that fact that I would never leave this house. I took a deep breath, mustered all the strength left in me, and slowly turned around.