Halloween vs Little Box Child

By. Little Box Child

I sit in my house all lovely and nice,

And then I saw a creepy clown outside.

I scream at the sight,

And said “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!” laced with fright.

I observe outside and then realized

I was in for a night.

I saw the zombies and skeletons rising from the dead.

I can hear the witches and clowns trying to mess with my head.

The shadows and mist are in the air.

It’s a thousand against one,

This is totally unfair.

“This can’t be a trend!” I said.

Hopefully this is a prank from a friend.

Hoping this horrible nightmare will finally come to an end.

I’m shaking with fear, and I almost went into tears.

I then realize,

If I want to survive the night,

Then I need to strike.

I grab the nearest weapon and I was ready to fight.

But let’s take a moment to look at this situation,

I have monsters and ghouls trying to find my location.

The thumping of my heart is getting louder.

I think I saw someone in the dark!

The mysterious figure lean closer,

I was shaking with fear,

It whispers  into my ear and said,