The Winter Holidays From a Makeup Lover’s Perspective

By: Georgia B.

     The winter holidays for some people mean spending time with their family, baking cookies, and giving back. For makeup lovers like myself, we spend our winter break in Sephora and on online, adding products to our cart. The holiday kits are out, and the rush goes to our heart as we run to the checkout. In such situations, there is always a person who gets the last makeup advent calendar before you even as you reach your hand out.


It’s a race against time and you’ve just lost. Finally, it’s your turn at the checkout. As they ring you up, you open your wallet. The cashier tells you the amount. Your jaw drops….but you give her your card anyway. She says the last thing anyone ever wants to hear: “Your card was declined.”

Your heart stops, but you run 16 blocks to a nearby bank. You get cash and run back to Sephora, hoping that the kits aren’t sold out. You are running around like a crazy person adding random things to your cart. Once again it’s your turn at the checkout. Suddenly, you hear the worst thing ever: “We are now closing, we will not be checking anyone else out. Thank you!”

     I have an idea. I run out the doors, hop in my car, and speed home. I scurry inside, open my laptop and go on Sephora’s website. After entering my shipping address, I realize I should probably cancel that trip to Africa I planned now that I’m broke.

   Two weeks later, when my order is still missing, I realize with a sinking heart that my package with 5,000 dollars worth of makeup truly got lost in the mail.

   At least I tried. Maybe next year.