Agony Aunt No.2 – “Off Days”

By: Betty P.

     We all have our “off days”; those days where all we want to do is stay in bed and do absolutely nothing. We yell at everything in sight (Even though those poor inanimate objects you shout at can’t reply) and are easily irritated by practically anything. We’ll often suddenly become so melancholic without a reason, and then poof, back to anger and “zombie-like.” To help prevent more “off days,” I’ve come up with a few tricks.

     First, sleep more. I know this isn’t that new or original, but more sleep can lead to being a happier person. I found that whenever I don’t get enough sleep, I can barely function the next day and I’m all over the place. Being well-rested is extremely important. Also, a tip I have to make sure you’re sleeping well is for all you iPhone users to use the Bedtime function. Unfortunately, Android users and anyone who doesn’t have iOS 10 aren’t able to use this. But, if you do have an iPhone that has iOS 10, try out the Bedtime feature in the Clock app. It’s basically an alarm clock to remind you when to sleep and when to wake up, which is pretty helpful. The app tells you how to set up your sleep schedule on the app, so I don’t think I have to elaborate on the instructions.

     My next trick is to spend time with friends. Normally, when I’m feeling pretty grumpy in the morning, as soon as I get to school and talk with my friends, I automatically feel better and more cheerful. Friends are such a vital part of your life and the smallest of gestures from them can lift your spirits.

     Another trick is to clear out any negative aspects in your life, specifically, certain people. Sometimes, there are people who cause you to have your “off days” and once you take them out of your life, you’ll realize how much happier you are without them. You don’t need that negativity weighing you down and making your days miserable.

     That’s all the tricks I have for this week! Sorry about not frequently writing, I sometimes have too much on my plate, but don’t worry, soon enough, you’ll see more of me (Aren’t you glad?)

     Until next time!

     Agony Aunt