Donald Trump Is Not Going To Be That Bad

By Steven H.

I can already hear your insults echoing in your heads when you read the title, but hear me out. Yes, Donald J Trump, the most notorious President-Elect we’ve encountered, is not going to be that bad.

This election is the first one where I’ve truly understood the issues and the both sides of the spectrum. When Obama was elected in 08 I couldn’t even speak English, and I knew very little about Romney and the 2012 election until I did more research years later. 2016, however, has drastically changed my views on the issues and I’ve learned so much about American politics in this wacky election year. This is what I’ve learned from this campaign, and hopefully, after reading this, you won’t be too scared of the Donald being the commander in chief.

First of all, we have to unanimously agree that even if Trump becomes a  terrible president, the world will survive. America has had its fair share of terrible presidents, and we’ve all gotten by. For relevance, let’s start with Warren Harding, arguably the worst POTUS America has ever had. He appointed his friends to high federal positions, and surprise, they were corrupt. The Teapot scandal saw Harding remove Naval oil reserves from the US Navy and transferred to another department using his executive order in secret. This move made many oil companies incredibly rich, and the scandal is considered one of the worst scandals in American history. Next, there was Herbert Hoover, who had good intentions, but failed miserably. He sparked the great depression in the 30s, and combined with the crop failures across North America, the US was spiraled into chaos. After successful presidencies by FDR, Truman and Eisenhower, scandals, lies and bad policies arose quickly, starting with Watergate, which forced President Nixon to resign after being caught spying on the Democrats, followed by Operation Cyclone, where President Reagan and the CIA trained and funded Jihadists that would later form Al Qaeda, followed by Bill Clinton’s sexual allegations in the 90s, and most recently, the Iraq War, where George Bush invaded Iraq for oil under the guise of freedom. America has faced scandals and bad policies before, and yet they keep their heads held high. The resilience of the USA is second to none, and coming off a year where there is so much violence and hate, they will still persevere. Regardless of whatever the Donald is planning to do, the sun will still rise in the morning and set in the afternoon. There is nothing that America hasn’t faced, and if they didn’t break before, they certainly won’t break now.

An important thing that’s being overlooked is policy. In Canada, everyone around me seems to be only focused on is Trump’s personality, and not his vision for America. I took the time to do the research and surprisingly, his policies are not too crazy. He is against NAFTA and the TPP, terrible agreements for the working class. He wants to cut taxes, reform immigration, making NATO countries pay their fair share, and pro second amendment. His policies are Republican, not a twisted version of America. The wall will not be built. Trump has removed this plan from his website and haven’t talked about it for a while, same with his muslim ban. Those were just longshot impossible campaign promises, like Obama closing Guantanamo Bay and bringing troops back from Iraq. One thing to clarify is that Trump does not hate immigrants. He wants to deport the illegal ones, but that is a complicated process that will end up as another unfulfilled campaign promise. Trump also does not hate gays or the LGBT community. He has displayed sympathy towards the Orlando victims and stated he will help improve the lives of gays, lesibans or transgenders. He only wanted gay marriage to be a state decision, and only the states you think would abolish gay marriage rights would do so. Republicans have also been more accepting of people of different sexual identities recently, and with LGBTQ rights being more widely accepted, this would only hurt the Trump administration and the GOP with no real benefits. These policies could be debated based on where you stand on the political spectrum, but that’s where people should be focusing on when it comes to voting, and the content of their character second. Plus, Trump’s short attention span and lack of interest and experience will lead to his cabinet and congress run the country, hinted in the latest 60 minutes interview. He genuinely wants change in his country, but he doesn’t know how.

The point is, people are making their decisions without considering the most important thing about a president: his policies. If we vote blindly based on personality, I wouldn’t have to tell you how devastating the results could be. John Kasich, for example, was my president of choice, but he lacked the charisma that would’ve helped him to win the primaries. A good example was Reagan vs Carter, where one was a popular governor and actor and the other being a dull, inactive and boring president seeking reelection. Yes, Reagan was a great president, but if Carter won, there could’ve been a better healthcare system in place that would benefit Americans better than ObamaCare. Hillary Clinton also have some very questionable policies. We would disagree on both candidates policies based on what your political beliefs are, but one that’s considered very controversial is the no fly zone she wants in Syria. Clinton wants to stop airstrikes committed by the Assad regime, and more importantly, Russia. A no fly zone might require US soldiers on the ground, and this could easily escalate into a war with the Russians, causing more death and destruction than the casualties of the Syrian Civil War. However, with the election of Trump, Putin has expressed that he wants to restore US and Russian relations, brushing the risk of an all out war under the rug. If Donald Trump acted competent, respectable and calm, he either might’ve even won the popular vote or wouldn’t even make it past the primaries because he didn’t stand out.

One thing needs to be clear is that America did not vote for Trump because he’s a racist. Some did, but most didn’t. People voted for Trump wanted change, and Clinton didn’t embody that, and in many ways, more controversial. She could be bought by big corporations, favoured lobbies and superpacs, taken donations from big banks and governments that go against her “feminist” beliefs, rigged the primaries to win the nomination, emailed classified information and countless other acts that would be considered criminal if committed by anyone else. For example, a decorated Marine officer Jason Brezler sent one classified email to warn a military base about an attack and was discharged from the military and faced trial. Trump, of course, isn’t squeaky clean himself, he’s had a fair share of scandals, including Trump university and refusing to lease to black tenants in the 70s, but he was something different. Trump was not part of establishment, and people wanted change. Yes, its terrifying change, but its still different. I do not believe Trump is a complete bigot and a racist, as he’s more of a moderate. If Trump was truly racist, he wouldn’t have flown a Jewish boy on his private jet to a better hospital because no airline would accommodate him. If he was truly a racist, he wouldn’t have married an immigrant, or hire a lot of workers from different countries. If he was truly a sexist, he wouldn’t have hired women to be his campaign managers, advisors, and planners. Is he still a terrible person for saying racist and misogynist comments during the course of this election? Yes, but a lot of music today include sexual and misogynist content. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less bad, but we shouldn’t judge him just based on those comments. If people voted for Donald because he’s a racist, then Hillary would’ve won the election. Trump won a lot of states that Obama won in 2008 and 2012, does that mean the people who voted for the first black president turned racist over two terms? Yes, a majority of whites voted for Trump, but how are they considered racist when 93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012? People just wanted change.

In a lot of ways, President Trump was elected because of the Liberals. Democrats called Trump supporters stupid, racist, misogynistic, labelled them deplorables, insulted Republican beliefs, playing the victim mentality, resort to name calling and violent protest, but come election time, still expect them to vote Clinton. People were scared how Trump was going to destroy America while violent protests are committed across the states in the wake of the results, and I can guarantee you that those who are beating up Trump supporters, rioting, throwing tear gas, backing up traffic and causing chaos are the same people who were angry at Trump when he said he might not accept the election results. Democrats have became what they despised about Trump, resorting to name calling and violence. This was why polls were all wrong; people were afraid to admit they liked Donald, sometimes not for his comments but for his policies. Republicans and Democrats don’t want to cooperate or listen to each other, in congress and in everyday lives. With no discussion that doesn’t end in a call of duty multiplayer deathmatch brawl, nobody sees the both sides of the story. I don’t like Trump, but if somebody reading this thinks I do because I’m not automatically labelling him as the next Hitler solidifies my point. We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover, and this election is the antithesis of that belief.

There is nothing Trump can do that could ruin America. The founding fathers made the presidency weak so it’s protected against corruption and total power. Congress and Senate have the real power in this country, and even if he wants to ban all muslims and build a wall, the houses will not let that happen. A lot of things will not change, too. The war in the middle east will continue, and Trump and Clinton will both bomb ISIS. The black communities will still have to struggle, because neither administration cares about them.

To sum this up. NO. I DO NOT SUPPORT DONALD J TRUMP. I would rather vote for Kanye in 2020 than that bootleg troll doll made in a sweatshop in remote Vietnam and sold for fifty cents at the Dollarama across from the Arbutus Club. At least he will do something for the struggling black community. However, I’m tired of seeing people jumping to conclusions. Yeah, Fox News has biases, but so does MSNBC, CNN and CBS. I’ve talked to a lot of people who knew nothing about Clinton but would vote for her just because she’s not Trump. Donny Miller said that, “In an age of Information, ignorance is a choice.” We have to research both sides of the story before you can make a decision. I understand why people hate Trump. It’s easier than getting accepted into an Liberal Arts college, but we have to stop jumping to conclusions.  I hated Trump with every bone in my bigger hands before this election, but after researching and talking to other Republicans, I understood why people voted for Trump, problems with Obama and Democrat policies, and Conservative views. Trump will not be a good president, but he’s not an evil dictator seeking the destruction of America. There are many terms to describe this man, but not two terms. (Read that again if you didn’t get the joke) At the end of four years, America and the world will be fine, especially Canadians. Do you guys remember how much Brexit, one of the largest economies leaving one of the most powerful unions in the world, impacted Canada? Exactly. America will be fine, and even if it’s in shambles, a better candidate will come along and try to fix the mess.