The Tragic Powder Incident

By Georgia B.

     Once upon a time their was a girl named Tiffany Co. She loved makeup. One day she went to Sephora like she did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. As you can see, she is obsessed. HEY! Don’t judge her, I know you would do the exact same thing. Anyway back to the story. So, she went to Sephora and bought a $46 powder from Nars. Then she walked home in the pouring rain and thunder. Even though it was 27 blocks, it was worth it. When she walked through the door, her mom yelled at her. She was supposed to use the money her mom gave her to buy lunch NOT makeup. This is her 32nd day in a row doing this. Tisk, tisk, tisk. She went into her room and threw her bag down with the Nars powder in it. Later that night, she went to go get her powder, but it was all over her bag. She opened the package in fear. When she opened it she discovered it was broken with no chance of recovery. She burst out crying. She gave up eating lunch for this powder, and it was broken. Tiffany tried everything to fix it, rubbing alcohol, freezing it and none of her attempts were successful. It was a hard day for Tiffany Co. She decided to honour the memory of this beloved, young powder by posting a picture of the aftermath on her Snapchat story. After that day, Tiffany Co never used her lunch money at Sephora again.

Based on a true story.

   The End