Stealing From Sephora by Georgia B.

           One day, I went to Sephora as per usual. Enjoying life singing and dancing through the isles. “Tell me what you want what you really really want.” I will tell you what I want want what I really really want makeup.  Then I went to the check out. I went to the check out and the women beside me at the checkout said, “hello can I return this?” She handed the worker a huge bag filled with makeup. The worker said in a choked voice, “all of this?’’ The women replied with a smug smirk on her face, ‘yes.’ The cashier then started to ring every thing through.

          The women exchanged the products for two boxes and the cashier rang it through. My mom looked at me and said, “Georgia, look at that women’s total.” So I looked over and gasped. I then leaned over and asked the women, “what are in those boxes?” She replied, “two perfumes.” I was so surprised she paid 2000 dollars for two puny perfumes. After the cashier finished the transaction, the women asked, “what is the return policy again?” I then realized that she was scamming Sephora. Replacing the product inside with fake product.

          I followed her all the way home. I looked through the window and I saw her putting the perfume into a different bottle and putting water in it instead. The next day I went back to her house. She walked outside and hopped in her car and then I hopped on my bike and followed her. She drove to Sephora. I then went in along with her. She was returning the frauds filled with water. I then went to the police. Three days later she went to jail. LMAO

Based on a true story

The end