Why Winter Makeup Sets Are the Best

By Georgia B.

The holiday season is an awesome time for makeup lovers, as value sets, sure to be on everybody’s wish list, have many benefits. They’re great for all your favourite brands, products, and more; you also get more for your money. It’s incredible how you can add so much makeup to your collection for such a reasonable price. Also, the packaging is the best. High-end makeup wrapped up in an adorable box — could you ask for any more? They also make for great last-minute gifts for any makeup addict.  That’s why I like to save up and buy most of my makeup during the holidays. Another reason why I believe it’s best to do so is because holiday sales mean there are usually many discounts. For example, at Sephora, the holiday season means you get 20% off your products, a deal which follows right after Cyber Monday’s already fantastic discount.