The Great Escape by Tiffany

It was a cold and stormy night, silent all through the house and 7 girls home alone. Nothing to do but wait for someone to have a spark of an idea burst in the tiny little light bulb in their head. I had an idea! We decided to go out. Despite the horrible frosty weather, what else were we going to do at 8 o’clock at night? The air was crisp and clean and not a single soul in sight. We bundled up in our coats and scarves, and headed out on our unknown, mysterious journey.

I don’t know why but we decided that we should maybe knock on someone’s house and then just disappear, leaving the answerer curious and confused. As you could tell, we really did not have anything to do. A couple of us rang a few houses but I guess the gloomy weather made everyone want to cuddle in warm blankets by the fire and ignore the odd knocks at the door.

By our third house, a scary old man peered opened the door yelling, “Whoever’s out there better not come back again, I’ve seen you mysterious teens back in my day knocking on whoever’s doors you please.” Slowly he shut the door and went back into his house, annoyed and prepared for another visit. Our hearts were racing but at the same we couldn’t stop giggling as if we knew we wouldn’t get in deep trouble. After waiting for what was probably two minutes behind a large black van and a smaller white Mercedes, one of us peaked through the window of the car to see if the man was watching or not. Clearly, there was no one in sight.

Then, one of us had the guts to go back to this grumpy man’s house and knock again. This time, he was prepared and by prepared, I mean he flashed open the door in a blink of an eye and hollered, “Hello again!” Every single one of us screamed because we thought this man was so crazy that he could tell we would come back and taunt him again. All of us were running for our lives as if we expected him to sprint and chase us all the way down the hill. But of course he didn’t and our thumping hearts were relieved. Everyone needed to stop for a moment and take a breath because we had ran for an entire block, just to make sure that he actually wasn’t an Olympic sprinter and could chase after us.

We stopped at the corner of the street and turned into a more open area where we saw a park. This park had a shed and a car parked almost in the middle of it so we thought that it was our perfect hideout for now, considering we were still paranoid and full of shock. Step by step, we trampled through the almost slushy, muddy ground and made our way to the bushes beside the shed. One of us slowly walked up to an open area and veered to where there was an open spot for us to see through. And of course, our instincts were right and there he was! Walking (and might I add, not sprinting) towards our area.

Our hearts began beating rapidly again and we ran to the shed where we thought we would be more protected. We needed to quickly think of a plan but it was difficult due to the never ending whispers of worry through the crowd. Afraid, we ended up deciding that we should head down another street and then walk back up to our friend’s house where we all were in the beginning. Some of our toes were frozen but our palms sweaty. I began getting frostbite on my ears because I didn’t have any protection over them. Through this traumatic experience, I had to deal with the pain as we tried not to get ourselves kidnapped by an elder. Since there was an open field from the shed to the other side of the street, we had to sprint across so the old man wouldn’t be able to catch us or have more time to catch a glimpse of us going a different direction.

When we all ran out of our hiding spot, I took a look behind me just to see that he was coming up behind us about half a field away! We were just thinking, “how could this man walk so quickly in the freezing air all this way to try to get to a few girls who ding-dong ditched him?” Obviously we could understand that he would want to talk to us just to say that it wasn’t a nice thing to do. I admit it wasn’t, but that was not what this guy wanted to do. I guess he had seen enough people like us to know what to do by now and what he was doing was scaring the crap out of us.

By the time we got to the other side of the field and onto the sidewalk, he was coming so close. Our plan of being discreet definitely did not work. All of us were worried sick but apart of us thought it was the most hilarious and exhilarating thing ever. We walked up the sidewalk and by this time it was 9 o’clock. I turned around just to find that the old man was 7 meters behind us! I spoke a worried whisper through the crowd and so we started running for our lives once again. Thoughts were running through my head like, “Why wouldn’t he just call us if he wanted our attention?” and “Why is he still following us so far?”

The five of us walked up a little bit more just to find that 2 of us weren’t there. Frightened, we turned around to find that they were caught in the intersection. We quietly but almost yelled to them to come back with us because we couldn’t lose each other, especially at this time. Eventually, they just went off on their own and it was the four of us.

We turned the corner and went up the original way to her house that was closer to the park. On the way back to her house, we ended up not seeing him again. We were so afraid that they might’ve kidnapped the other two. Finally, we made it up to the house and crept inside, making sure that he didn’t know that we lived there. Thank goodness we were okay. I called one of the girls who were out and they answered saying that they were right outside. Even though that it was probably not true, I just imagined the old man holding them hostage and making them call me like everything was okay. But I kept those thoughts to myself and we opened the door. They were alone and perfectly fine. But on their way home, they ended up seeing the man more than we did which was lucky for us but at least he didn’t catch up to us all the way home.