The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees by Jennifer J.


Shoved away in wall cracks,

Forgotten in rotten peaches,

The bee fights its way to the neck of the sealed jar,

Eager to break loose from the stale honey

That keeps dragging it back to the sticky swamp.



Through the thick turbid glass

Wondering if this is the only way of life –

Suppressed, threatened, lost, lonely.


Its body on the icy-cold glass

Wondering if this is the only temperature that can be felt –

Emotionless, careless, clueless, heartless.


The bee never loses hope

It believes in a better world

It believes it will find love.

It believes that somewhere its queen awaits,

Giving it strength,

Embracing its broken heart.


Waiting and waiting,

Finally it endures no more.

It needs a better answer

Than the sickening sweetness that holds it back.


The jar has been open

The whole time, it realizes.

Anxious but dauntless,

Off it goes –

To seek the root of its existence,

To find its way to acceptance.