Advice: Maintaining Goals in the New Year

Aaahhh… it’s finally the new year, the time when most of us set goals that we may or may not achieve throughout the year. But guess what? I’m here to help! Keep reading and you will find some tips and tricks as to how you can maintain these goals.


  1. Plan an attainable and measurable goal

What I mean by “attainable” and “measurable” is something that isn’t impossible to do. For instance, if you eat fast food three times a week and want to have a completely healthy vegan diet, you may want to measure it out, week by week or month by month so that you can slowly measure progress to reach your goal by the end of the year.


  1. Always keep a cup with you

If one of your goals is to drink more water, I suggest getting a cup and keeping it filled with water and with you at all times. Whether you’re at work or school or simply lying around at home, keeping a cup near you is a more motivating way to drink more water. On another hand, some may not enjoy the taste of water. If that applies to you, mix it up a little by adding fruit, ginger, honey, or lemon.     


  1. Be specific

Being specific is key to planning out a goal that will last you more than a week. If you mention what time of day, where, and how, you will find yourself more organized and not slacking off every time the chance comes around. For example, if your goal is to work out more, don’t simply have your goal be “working out more”. Adding what time of day you’re going to work out, where you’re going to do it, and which exercises will make you more motivated because you have it all mapped out.


  1. Money Saving

This is probably the hardest one for me, personally, to handle, but if this is your goal, I suggest you keep different sections of money labeled for different uses. What I would do is keep a large section for a rainy day, a smaller section in your wallet for spending (on things you need of course), and another section towards something costly. I would also make sure that I have some money left to purchase friends’ or family members’ birthday or holiday presents. 


  1. Photographic Memories

In previous years, a resolution of mine was to take more pictures. This may seem a bit cheesy and not worthy of being a main focus but you won’t regret it in the future. The only thing you would probably regret is the amount of storage it takes up. This is just like looking back on old family photos or home videos and receiving that feeling that’s difficult to explain but identifiable by all: nostalgia. You may even turn this into a regular hobby. If you have a phone, taking pictures whenever and wherever is pretty easy. I found that the more pictures I took, the more I was able to look back on and remember those fun memories.


  1. Have Fun

I don’t know about you, but for the past several years, I never considered including “have fun”as a goal… until just recently. On top of wanting to drink more water, eat healthier, and get more exercise, focus on something that you can appreciate whilst looking back upon your year: how happy you were having fun. Whether you spent more time with friends or pursued more travels; it’s up to you to make the most out of your year. These days, people tend to be too caught up in their electronics and devices. What I recommend is getting out of your bed to, perhaps, enjoy the fresh air, take a walk, or spend more time with family and friends.

I hope that all of you took away something new from this advice column and that you can achieve your personal goals by the end of 2017. Good luck to everyone and have a happy new year!