Breaking the Past, Present + Future Chapter 1

Chapter  1

It had been 3 years Jackson had started on his project. The most magnificent project he had ever worked on in his opinion.

The hammer slipped from Jackson’s hand, landing on his foot and causing him to yelp out in pain.

“OW, THAT’S THE THIRD TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED!” He agonized, filled with irritation

He bent down and grabbed the hammer, fuming. He knew he would need a cast for it if he couldn’t hold onto the hammer properly. He always thought it was his clumsiness and accidental injuries that lead him to have a scar on his arm  that looked like some sort of disfigured clock. “Odd” the first thing Jackson said when he first saw it.

For hours, every day,  he would be in his garage; attaching unusual shapes of metal to the car his parents died in. Jackson would never forget the night a truck rammed into the front of the car, killing his parents and leaving Jackson with a broken leg. He was five years old at the time and had only been living in north america for two years since he and his family left Spain due to attackers. After the car crash, he was taken in by his aunt and uncle to live with, but his cousins despised him.

“I wish you died in the car crash as well”

“Why did it have to be us that had to take you in?”

“Can you just build a time machine to the day you got into the car crash? but make sure the car was going a tiny bit faster so the truck would kill you and not your parents!”

They would never stop.

Jackson would start crying and tell his aunt what they were saying to him, but they never believed him.

When he turned 17 he decided that he wouldn’t mind leaving this world. He wouldn’t mind forgetting everyone and everything he ever loved and hated. The words filled him up like a poison, making him fall into a depression. He was torn between running away or going to another world. That was the moment he got the magnificent idea. He climbed down from the roof he was sitting on and found the old run down car from the accident  twelve years ago. The house was only two blocks away from the junkyard the car was in. Jackson pushed the old car all the way back to the house and into the garage, it was 2:35am on a Wednesday so nobody would notice him. He tied his long curly hair back, which always covered most of his face, making it impossible to see clearly. Jackson stayed up until 5:00am that night, working on repairing the broken car; he knew how to fix anything. Over the next few months he would go to the library and spend hours flipping through the physics books and researching how to put his plan into action. Every night he would sneak out of his room to work on the machine until the early hours of the morning. This system of climbing out the window of the room he shared with his cousins and sneaking to work on the vehicle continued until he turned 18 and was forced to move out since he “Is old enough to look for himself and not act like a little brat” his uncle said to him.

Jackson found himself working at a fast-food restaurant and getting paid very little. He started working at another fast-food restaurant on different shifts. From 7:00am to 12:00pm at one place to 1:00pm to 11:pm. He knew he would never have enough money to buy a house with this much money. He was about to give up until his phone rang and picked up. Jackson had no idea why his grandmother was calling him at this hour but the second he picked up she yelled over the phone, “YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU JACKIE YOU HAVE TO COME OVER HERE IMMEDIATELY” This should be interesting….