Once you get out of the snow storms and rainy days, there’s this one feeling you usually forget throughout the hibernation seasons and that’s the feeling of spring. In these harsh, snowy winter months, all you want is the sun gleaming across your face, clear and vibrant green grasses flowing to the rhythm of the wind and the light breeze as the weather is beginning to warm. The feeling of the transition from season to season is one of my favourites.

Just yesterday, I was walking to class and it just hit me as if I just saw the groundhog pop out of the ground. I could just feel the indescribable aura that surrounded me. Summer has to be my favourite season of them all and the pleasure of spring just reminds me of those campfire nights with the muggy air, breezy winds and bike rides through the forest. Time with family and friends on a tropical vacation or the local swimming pool. Having playdates with my neighbour and walking by the beach with my cousin. All of these memories is what makes the springtime so great. Even back to when I was a younger child, my family and I would go play at the playground and have picnics with that same feeling in the air. I remember blowing dandelions and watching them drift off until I couldn’t see them anymore. These are the few things that make me happy; the feeling of Spring is what combines them altogether.