The Illuminati : Internet Meme or the New World Order?

By: Michelle L. and Half-Empty Juice Box

The Illuminati, the first thing you think of when you hear that is probably some internet meme or the X-files music, but there’s a lot more to it than that.


There are many more facts and evidence that the Illuminati exists and do a lot more things. We would probably end up in the headmaster’s office if we talked about this on this blog, so we are only addressing mild things here.

We do not want to cause any commotion and panic, we just wanted to make a conspiracy theory page


Who is the Illuminati?

The illuminati is a secret organization of unspecified members. The organization dates back all the way to even the 18th century. The secret society was founded by law professor, Adam Weishaupt who seeked to create the new world order. The organization was destroyed within 15 years… or was it?

The new world order is a secret society whose goal is to rule the world and become the most powerful people in the world.


How is the Illuminati related to present day?

Not only is the Illuminati symbol (pyramid or triangle with an eye) on the US dollar bill,

Many celebrities have been making this symbol, whether they are covering one eye or making the trigonal shape with their hands.

Covering one eye (or making a circle with your fingers) in the Illuminati community represents the “eye of providence” or “eye that sees all” meaning that the Illuminati sees everything we do and control everything we do.

Making the trigonal sign with our hands represents the pyramids in egypt where high royalty such as pharaohs were buried inside of.


Why are celebrities making this symbol?


Famous people have to come from somewhere, and the chances of being starting as the average person to being as big as Beyoncè is very difficult. So how did she and millions of other celebrities do it?

Some believe that the Illuminati controls who they want to be famous for the money, fame, and to spread their message that they are going to take over the world. The different ways the Illuminati gets their message out is:

  • Have celebrities make their symbol
  • Have celebrities put subliminal messages in the content they make (music videos, movies, etc.)

The Illuminati helps support their content, for example: having more likes on a video than views on it.

However this theory isn’t as believable as we do agree that these celebrities have worked very hard to get to where they are now. Even if the Illuminati was involved, that doesn’t take away from the time, effort, and art these people have committed to and spent.


How do celebrities join the Illuminati?

If you don’t want you favourite artist ruined for you, I suggest you stop reading immediately

Celebrities (or anyone) can join the Illuminati by murdering someone who cares about them (example: family member, spouse, best friend, etc.) to show that you are willing to do anything for the Illuminati and not afraid to terminate anyone who gets in your way.

Once again, it’s quite unlikely that this is true so rest assured. This is simply a circulating theory that you can make your own opinion on.


What happens if celebrities want to rebel against the Illuminati?

Touchy subject, not for sensitive viewers

If a celebrity (or anyone) who is part of the Illuminati wants to rebel against them and expose them, certain death will occur. The Illuminati does not want the world to know they exist (too late) so if they find out anyone is going to reveal their secrets, the Illuminati will kill off that person and make sure that news reporters are aware, usually tricking the reporters into thinking they died for a different reason (ex: drugs, suicide, natural causes, etc). They make sure they address the incident on some big social media, and finally; make sure the whole world is fooled and believes they died on their own, and not because the Illuminati wanted to protect their secret.

But then again the society is so secretive, that the information we’ve collected are based on crowd sources and own opinions and theories. We can’t confirm the complete accuracy of this information but that’s the reason why conspiracy theories exist. This article was made just to have some fun with the concept and not to delve into any political wars. We hope it has helped you to understand a bit more about this floating name and that you’ll be able to create your own opinion on it based of this.


Thanks for reading about the Illuminati on the blog, please do not share this without giving credit.