2017 Spring Break Travel Diary:California

By:Tiffany C.

The 3 day drive down the country of America was tough. Stopping only for meals and gas, my dad drove the big RV through the states of California. Every night we would stop at a campsite just to sleep and for the washrooms provided. Then, early next morning, my dad would wake up and continue driving again. The roads were bumpy and made people sick, but when we did arrive in California it was absolutely stunning. The sunsets were so colorful and artsy, almost like a rainbow spread out through the sky. Our final destination was the Anaheim RV Park where we set everything up and got settled in, ready for our 2 week long vacation.

The first thing we did the next morning was go to Disneyland. We woke up bright and early, walked down to the shuttle bus stop and waited for the arrival of the next bus. Stepping off the shuttle and into the most magical place on earth, I took a look at my sister and she looked so happy to be here again, she had a big smile on her face. That day we waited in line for many many rides and had delicious meals at new restaurants we haven’t tried before. I particularly recommend waiting in the short line up for fast passes and scheduling out your day based on when each ride is due for the fast pass. Keep in mind that you can only get one fastpass at a time but it is usually 50 minutes to 1 hour wait time before the fast pass is due. Which means you should go to a ride which has a one hour (or a little less) wait time. Overall I can say that Disneyland was a success and we made the most out of our first day.

For 5 days of our trip, we visited amusement parks and waited in line for rides at California Adventure (Disneyland), Legoland and Sea World because it was all apart of our City Pass that my dad purchased before hand. It is a super convenient way to get the most out of most of the amusement parks in California with only one card. But I have to admit, after all of these lines, I was too bored and eager to get on the ride to wait in line anymore and any longer.

Besides the carnivals, we rented a car and drove up to Los Angeles to have a fun day of shopping and eating good food for a day. We walked down the many blocks of Melrose Avenue where I found many stores that I liked and many picture opportunities on every artsy wall there was. We had amazing ramen at this cool and modern restaurant where we ordered on iPads and got to customize everything. The walk was very long but very worth it because I got to see many new things that I didn’t get to see on my last trip to LA. Right before dinner time, we drove to the Grove to shop around again and eat sushi at another nice restaurant there. The nightlife is so beautiful, especially when all of the lights are lit. While my sister and I waited for my mom to shop, we sat down on the grass which a small picnic blanket that the Grove provided and watched a band play. It was super nice and relaxing, a great way to end off the evening.

Another day, we drove down to Santa Monica where we thought that we were going to stay and hang out at the beach, but it ended up being extremely cold for California weather and it was so foggy that you couldn’t even see the beach when you were right in front of it. Luckily we had other plans that took up the rest of the day. For lunch, we ate at Urth Cafe and it is one of my favorites when it comes to green tea boba and pumpkin pies. Lunch was delicious and after, we headed off to 3rd Street Promenade to go shopping. I ended up finding one of my new favorite stores. Nastygal. I meant to find it the last time I was in LA but I never ended up seeing it until this time. It was so cool inside. It was one big floor of beautiful clothing and accessories. The changing rooms were all mirrors that were tinted slightly of the colors of blue, purple and pink. The day at Santa Monica, even though chilly, was both fun and beautiful.

Our last days were filled with swimming in the pool that the RV park had and relaxing in the hot tub. One of those two days were my birthday. We went to the Cheesecake Factory that was pretty close by and celebrated there. I ordered some curry and rice which tasted really good and for dessert I had a tiny little sundae with a birthday candle on top. I had a great birthday and am glad that I got to see the rest of what I didn’t get to see of California this time around.