Spring Day Stroll

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.02.47 PMChirp! Chirp! The birds cried out as the sun rose to the broad daylight of one dreamy Sunday morning. Crisp air touched my face as I stepped out onto the dewy grass sidewalk. A few chills crawled down my spine while wandering down the street. All was silent but the few birdies flying from tree to tree. I took a look around, spotting bright pink cherry blossoms, blooming into big beautiful flowers. The aroma spread across the streets and the comforting smell reminded me of last spring’s arrival. It was a picnic type of day, slight breeze, clear skies and dandelions sprouting everywhere. I continued walking around, admiring the beauty of mother nature and before I knew it, dark had started to fall. I walked back to my house, crossing the once dewy grass sidewalk. I lay in bed, ready for sleep. I listen to the animals outside my window. Chirp! Chirp!