My eyes fluttered open as the green fluid around me slowly drained. The container holding me hissed and the front of the glass opened for me to step out. Scared and cold of the new world around me, I gingerly stepped down out of container and onto the metal floor. In the corner of the room, I saw a glass box with some people in long white coats and glasses standing with clipboards taking notes of me.

The metal floor underneath me started to shake a little and then with a few puffs of steam, it started to move me through the room. It looked like it was taking me into the wall but then out of nowhere, the concrete wall opened up to see a dark tunnel with some small blue lights on either side of the walls. The metal platform moved slowly and then it sped up a little as I entered the tunnel. I could see more glass with people behind them.

The tunnel continued on for another long way. I waited until I could see another room and as it turns out, I’m not the only person right now.

There are many other people in the chamber. But they all have an expressionless face. I feel nervous around a bunch of what seems like dead people standing up. A man in a white coat came towards a tall boy with red curly hair and brown eyes. The man ushered the boy out of the room and the boy slowly walked with the man. I waited for about another half hour until a woman with white blond hair and dark brown eyes, came and took me into a hallway.

All I could see was black once I entered a room. The woman put me into another chamber.  Another one? I thought. I don’t like the chambers. But this one was very big. I couldn’t feel the sides of it. I walked forward a little and when I touched the wall, it pulled back. I caught up with the wall again but it seems to be expanding.

I kept following the wall until it stopped and then a light turned on inside the room. Out of the floor there were some training dummies. I was confused as what to do.

“Try to hit the targets.” A woman’s voice said over a microphone. I could see her standing behind a glass wall.  I stepped forward carefully and poked one of the targets. It barely budged. So I hit harder.

The target wobbled back but it came back. I thought it was pretty cool, so I moved onto another one which looked like it was holding a gun. The fake pistol fired a paintball and hit me square in the stomach. I bent over and cringed as the pain surged through my body.

I stumbled back in pain and I heard a weird sound. I looked around startled trying to find where the noise came from.  I think the woman could see my confusion so she told me over the speaker that I screamed and that I had found my voice. I was confused as to what a voice was so I asked,

“What’s a voice?”

And that startled me because I had spoken again and I wasn’t meant to.

“Well. It really does seem that you can talk.” The woman giggled over the speaker.

“But really it does seem like you should continue with the test,”

The test was knocking over the targets, sneaking around a guard to retrieve a capsule, defusing a bomb in 10 seconds, setting up weapons and using them, spying, and more. When I finished the test, The lady printed me a paper that, apparently, had my test results.


I look up, not understanding what it means. I see that she had a somber look on her face. She almost looked dead. Her eyes were glowing red, and flickering on and off, on and off. Why is she doing this? She starts moving in robot-like functions and says in a monotonous voice:

“You did not pass. Annihilation commencing.”

A large gun drops down from the ceiling, and a light charges up. I see it fire at me. When it hits my body, everything just goes black.