The Tears of a Clown

The Tears of a Clown by Buscemi and Plasma Owl


I’m 25 pursuing my lifelong passion

I’m 25 stuck in a joke profession


I go from party to party making kids smile

I go from party to party slowly losing the real me


I make lots of balloon animals to bring joy to everyone

I waste my breath creating balloon animals for others


I have waited my whole life to get this opportunity

I spent 3 years in school for this


I love flopping down the street with huge shoes

I wear a ball and chain in the form of bright, large shoes


My favourite part is the tiny, little unicycle

The worst part is balancing my sanity on one wheel


I need to get up early to make sure my makeup is all ‘silly’

I wear a mask and have people laugh at me


It’s so fun working with others in small cars

I trap myself in small places for others’ enjoyment


The silly voices always make them laugh

The other voice is taking over me


My red nose is as bright as my personality

I hide behind a red nose pretending I’m happy


The days are long but it’s worth it for the kids

I haven’t gotten enough sleep in a month


I never want to quit. This is my dream. 

This job is consuming me. I need a way out.