He Came At Me With Astonishing Speed

He Came At Me With Astonishing Speed by Jred


He came at me with astonishing speed. The knife snagged my clothing, nearly cutting the warm flesh underneath. Looking around rapidly for a weapon I grabbed the nearest rock, but I was too slow. He slammed his hand down onto my small wrist, restraining me. My bone shattered under his force.

With his other hand, he inserted the knife into my shoulder. Warm, sticky blood trickled down and pooled below me. The new aroma flocked around us like a swarm of angry wasps. Without wasting a second, he used one hand to expose my neck and pressed the knife harshly against my throat.

“This is what you deserve, you dirty rat,” he spat through his gritted teeth. I couldn’t speak. My throat was closed tight from fear. Slowly, he pressed the knife harder until he broke the layer of skin. A small amount of scarlet liquid oozed around the cut, stinging like a wasp. With every passing second he increased his force upon my neck. Soon enough, I found I could not breathe.

The man halted and wiped the hot blood clean off the knife with his shirt. I was writhing around on the ground trying to find air, almost like a worm wriggling when it is cut in half. I knew I only had a few seconds left. I hoped that I would join my family in the sky.

The man looked down at me, with his arms crossed. His mouth was curved into a wicked smile that I would never forget, even in death. My vision was beginning to blur fast. During my last few moments, I thought about all my friends, my dog, my siblings and how I would miss them. But now, I thought, I must sleep.