The Girl with Blue Skin

By: La Fille Inconnue


Hiked a glacier only to see

A frozen face of a wannabee


Surround around her cleaved wrist

Was a mark of the unknown in the mist


A blurred vision of a red and black pole

Could she have attempted harmony bowl?


She must have been twisted and tumbled

To get her fastest time, and fumbled


Clenched in her hand surround with frost

A cracked phone ready to be tossed


Crimped 100 dollars that could rebuild

A life that was unfulfilled  


Once a plump face now a blue

Because of a triple black diamond stronger than mountain dew


Covered in layers it was hard to tell

The damage on the inside when she fell


A whoosh of wind came rushing in

Time to let go of the girl with blue skin


As I wondered if it was worth it to drag her all the way down

My soul darkened and deepened as well as my frown