White Picket Fences

By: Annie

Why do we always live behind a screen, looking at life through lenses

Sticking in our little boxes, comfort zones, and white picket fences

Thinking that when we encounter failure, that we are that failure

Ignoring what we believe by identifying the praise of others as our saviour


The fences stay up, as we believe if they come down, we’ll be in a position of vulnerability

When in fact, fences are the very thing that are preventing love and tranquility

The slats in these fences refuse to break

Because somehow fences create the illusion that we are comfortable and safe


Whether they’re fences within oneself or acting as barriers between people

They simply prevent discovery, promote suffering, and take away our freedom

Fences are built as a mechanism of defence, but what is it that we need defending from?

Is it the need for a distinction and separation between an “us” and a “them?”


When did this world become so rigid and afraid?

When did our bright colours go dim and fade?

Fences are simply barriers getting in the way of equality and community

But we still have the power to rip them down, love and be loved, unite, and create unity