Chapter Two – Half of the Truth

Chapter Two – Half of the Truth

By Sophia K

Jackson sprinted up the stairs of his grandmother’s home and pounded on the door.


“ABUELA I’M HERE!” Jackson yelled, still knocking furiously on the wooden door.


“Jackie! I’m so glad you’re here. This is going to blow your mind.”


Jackson’s grandmother led him over to her living room where on the table a giant suitcase lay. It looked extremely old and worn down with two buckles keeping it shut.


“Okay before you open it a little context first! Your father had me keep this for you until you were eighteen. He gave it to me the day the accident happened and said ‘No matter what happens, give this to Jackson when he turns eighteen or something terrible will happen to our world.’ I asked him what that meant and what would happen but he said he couldn’t explain. He really wanted you to have it so I’ve respected his word for it and have kept it safe all of these years. Open it.”


Jackson slowly walked over to the case and let his fingers rest on the buckles. Why did dad want me to have this so badly? What could possibly be that important? Jackson’s mind was overwhelmed with questions he wished he could ask his father.


He unbuckled the case and lifted the top slowly, his heart speeding up. Jackson was slightly disappointed to only see a black hoodie and small pocket watch with a note attached to it. He pulled off the note taped to the pocket watch and read it.


Jackson, if you are receiving this the date is June 16 2022, exactly 5 days after your birthday. Now you must be thinking “Dad what the heck how did you know that?!” It’s too complicated to explain on a piece of paper. But I’ll tell you this: in the next few months you will meet a girl who is sarcastic but will care about you.

She can explain everything to you but I didn’t have enough time to calculate what month you will meet her in. You could meet her this month or during December. Take this pocket watch and never lose sight of it, you will figure out what to do with it, I remember you had a creative and intelligent mind. I wish that I could have lived long enough to tell you about everything that’s happening, and going to happen. Never stop trusting your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, leave. Your intuition will always lead you to do the right thing.


See you on the other side, Jackie.



Jackson was on the verge of tears at this point. He remembered little glimpses of his father and how he was so much more caring than his aunt and uncle. Questions were still flooding Jackson’s head, and they left him flabbergasted.


Jackson reached into the case and pulled out the items inside it. He carefully put them in his backpack and thanked his grandmother.


“Thank you for keeping this safe for all these years. You kept his promise, now I must do the same” Jackson said to his grandmother, clenching his father’s note in his hands.


“You stay safe out there Jackie, I don’t want to lose you too.”