Crossing Paths

 Crossing Paths 

By Annie and AMPM

The wind pierces my skin, and I only have a sweater

I was told that Canada Goose coats keep out the wind, but I can still feel it

The last thing I ate was a prepackaged sandwich from a gas station two days ago

I’m wish I could have eaten the cake at lunch, but I was just too full

Everyone is passing me, but no one will look at me, especially the man in the suit

I exchange smiles with everyone on the corner of the street, except for the man on the blanket

I have to sleep today so that I can stay awake tonight; nights are dangerous on the streets

I only got eight hours of sleep last night because the neighbours were so loud

I can’t feel my feet; they’ve been numb since the early morning

My feet hurt from my new Oxfords that haven’t been broken in yet

I hope I can feed Max today, but I don’t think I will have enough change to pay for kibble

I have to go all the way to PetSmart before going home tonight to get kibble for Rufus

I’m relying on people’s kindness to pay for my dinner tonight

I wonder what Martha made for dinner tonight, it better not be fish again

I haven’t showered in the seven days since I went to the shelter, and it is too full now

The hot water has been shut off for two days now, and my landlord has ignored my claim

I wish I had enough money to take the bus today and get a break from the street

I had to take the city bus this morning because my license expired