The Misadventures of Sundown Island Institute – Chapter 1

By: Rin Phoenix

Violet’s POV – Dissection Fight

     I need to get out of this stuffy classroom. There are too many people crammed in this tiny place. Not to even note how nauseating the stench is from the guts, eyeballs and brains that we’re dissecting today. Ari is staring me down at the back of my neck. I can feel her stone cold gaze, forced upon me because I ate her leftovers. She is very passionate about her food, so eating it causes one to get on her bad list. I can still feel her stare, chilling me to the bone. That’s it. I can’t take it. I turn around to find that what is staring me down is not Ari, but rather… the wall.

     Great, I’m feeling weird things again. I curse under my breath. Glancing up at the clock, I see that there are 5 minutes left of class. Five more minutes of this stifling crap. You can do it Violet. My eyes cast down, going back to the blackboard where I see Ari staring daggers at me. So it turns out that I was feeling her glare. This has just gotten ridiculous. I ate her food three days ago. I’ve had enough.

     “For God’s sake Ari Puccino, I ate the leftovers three days ago, so just drop it!” I yell.

     “They were mine! I clearly put my name on it, Violet Levrette.

     “Argh. That’s it. I’ve had enough!” I finally yell back at her. “BRING IT ON.”

     “BRING IT ON.” She yells back at me.

     I scoop up a piece of cow liver and fling it at Ari. But instead, it hits Lynxx in the back of the head, who is sitting next to her.

     “What the—HEY! VIOLET!” Lynxx shouts. This made Mr. Kasmer, who had suddenly realized that there was a fight about to break out, look up. He jumps out of his chair and starts chanting “Fight, fight, fight!” He cannot contain his enjoyment when there is about to be a fight, so he just encourages our quarrel.

     More people turn around and watch us. And because of this, Ari, Lynxx, and I all take the note to continue. Lynxx gropes around the table, staring at me. When her hand finally reached an eyeball, she shoots it, hitting me square in the lips. My mouth was slightly open, so… I JUST ATE COW EYE. Balls. I’m gonna be sick.

     Some people were cheering at Lynxx’s aim. The shooter looks smug, and encourages the applause. Oho… They’re asking for it. I get a piece meat from another table and aim at Lynxx. This slab of cow guts is particularly heavy, so it’s perfect. I throw back my arm and launch at Lynxx. The guts are very heavy, and are making weird noises. Why? It’s because they weren’t guts. I had grabbed Silver’s sleeping head. Crap. Now he’ll hate me.

     I look down and see Silver on the ground, rubbing his head as he grumbles.

     “What the hell Violet…” He says, getting up while grabbing a small chunk of brain that another person was dissecting.

     This is not good. He’s going to throw this at me and he has amazing accuracy, so where he throws it, it will hit.

     He draws back his arm, aiming for my forehead. And as I predicted, it hit me square in between my eyebrows. That’s it. Rapid fire mode. I pick up a heap of cow guts and breaking off a chunk of it each time, start throwing it around the classroom with no particular target. I throw the chunks at an inhumane speed. And of course, every onlooker was hit. This makes everyone very angry.

     Mr. Kasmer is sitting in the corner looking like he’s having the time of his life.

     The fight has reached its peak. There are cow guts and brains and eyeballs being flung all over the classroom. Most cow parts are being aimed at me, Ari and Lynxx.

     Five minutes flies by fast, and when the bell goes, I’m covered in cow guts… Way to have Biology on a Friday afternoon.