Little Things

By: Annie

When you wake up in the morning, what makes you get out of bed?

Is it a feeling of delight and excitement for the day ahead?


Or is it the love you hold for another, a kiss and hug you can’t wait to deliver?

The simple joy of opening your curtains in the morning and seeing the bright and sunny weather


Is it the fact that delicious food awaits downstairs, or that a song is eager for your attention?

Is it the need to overcome conflict or apologize for past mistakes, to rid any pain, suffering or tension?


Is it because of the work you do that inspires you each and every single day?

Or a dog awaiting his breakfast, a walk to the park, and a play?


Do you open your eyes to mourn, or feel sorrow?

Knowing that if you face your fears today, it will lead to a better tomorrow?


Do you wake up because you feel you have to; to clear piles from your plate?

Or that you are looking for something; anything, because you are unhappy with fate?


Do you simply go downstairs to have your coffee?

Looking forward to a visit with a friend, or going fast on the highway, and even enjoying the feeling of being free?


For the little things are the reasons we get up every day

And it’s the little things that make up our wonderful lives, as they touch us and provide us with joy in each and every way