Darkness in the Stars

Darkness in the Stars


Tiny flickers of light, dancing in the midnight sea.

A flash of hope, cutting into the deep darkness.

Ripping apart the emptiness, and in its place

A dazzling gem, comforting all who are lost

A lonely child, grasping onto that first sign of light

Wishing his problems to be vanquished.

A flash of blinding power and energy, then gone.

So bright, you can see it Eons away, yet disappeared in a flash.

Only darkness, the blackest of blacks.

Nothing can escape the unforgiving ebony,

Not hope, not love, not even a flicker of light.

But we don’t see the pain, we don’t see the suffering.

We see diamonds, hundreds of thousands of diamonds, twinkling.

They form patterns, creating stories and pictures for the world to see.

A lone fisherman lost in the harsh grey sea.

They guide him, lighting the path for him to follow.

To us they are magic, they are love and hope and so much more,

Wrapped into a tiny dot above us.

But far far away they bubble and froth, anger seeping throughout them.

We only see the beauty, the shiny outer shell.

We are blinded by our own imagination, oblivious to the real story.

Light so intense it burns your skin, red hot and peeling.  

The brightness seeping into your head, making it pound and ache for days on end.

Yet when it leaves, so does the colour, and we are left with dull grey

Things are not always as they seem,

Yet sometimes, someone out there  

Will see the darkness in the stars.